BIOCERA-VET is a phosphocalcic cement characterized by a high porosity which promotes cell colonization and biological fluid diffusion. Furthermore, the chemical composition of BIOCERA-VET gives it a great capacity for osteointegration. These properties ensure rapid replacement of the cement by the newly formed bone matrix.


Thanks to its high injectability and its fast setting time, BIOCERA-VET is easy and intuitive to use, and reduces the surgery time.


BIOCERA-VET combines ideal bone formation and remodeling properties with a superior ergonomics.


Bone surgery


An increasing number of surgical treatments are performed for orthopedic pathologies in pets. Procedures such as arthrodesis or Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) have become reference treatments in cases of fractures or rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament (CCLD). Bone grafts, synthetic bone substitutes or metallic implants are often associated with these surgeries in order to improve bone repair and fusion but have various limitations in terms of availability, pain and risk of infection.


Thanks to its properties, BIOCERA-VET ideally meets the characteristics expected by veterinarians in order to limit pain and the risks of infection and to promote bone repair and consolidation.




Osteosarcoma is a primary tumor of the bone that is the most common cancer in dogs and cats. Amputation of the affected limb is the treatment of choice, but it is not always possible (weakened animals, overweight, having already undergone an amputation, ...). Conservative therapy consisting in the removal of the tumor bone segment while maintaining limb function can be performed. Like amputation, this technique does not prevent cancer development and is often combined with chemotherapy in order to improve the quality of life and prolong the survival of the animal.


BIOCERA-VET provides an alternative of choice to amputation and to conservative treatment. Indeed, the injection of BIOCERA-VET into the bone cavity is intended to limit the pain, to reduce the risk of pathological fracture by reinforcing the structural strength of the affected bone tissue and improving mechanical support.


Bone cyst


A bone cyst is a circular area of demineralization in the bone. This pathology, frequent in young horses, may lead to lameness and has therefore harmful consequences for the performance of sports horses. The treatment consists of surgery to debride the cyst, associated with filling the hole with a bone graft to improve tissue regeneration. The surgical procedure can be combined with drugs to reduce the pain.


In this indication, BIOCERA-VET also offers an alternative of choice to bone tissue graft by combining the availability of the material without additional surgery, pain relief and bone regeneration properties.

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