Tibio-tarsal fracture treated by arthrodesis associated with BIOCERA-VET in cat - Peper 2 years old 2019 DVM B. Flasse Centre Vétérinaire Beumont, Belgium.


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Fracture healing and consolidation after communitive fracture reduction associated with BIOCERA-VET in dog. Noelia 4-year old. 2019 DVM O. Stiévenart (Belgium). ML mediolateral AP antero-posterior.



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Cliquez ici pour visionner le Webinaire Lunch&Learn : BIOCERA-VET, revue de cas cliniques chez le chat et le chien - DMV O. Stiévenart, Surgivet  (May 2021)



Klik hier voor het Webinar Lunch&Learn: BIOCERA-VET, ervaringen uit de Belgische orthopedische chirurgie - DVM J. Van Ommen, Orion (May 2021)






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BIOCERA-VET Bone Surgery User Manual




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