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BIOCERA-VET, a synthetic injectable self-hardening calcium-phosphate bone substitute.

BIOCERA-VET is made from tricalcium phosphate (α-TCP) and ortho-phosphate salts that after crystallization gives rise to calcium deficient apatite, chemically close to the components in natural bone. Therefore, BIOCERA-VET is well integrated in bone matrix, resorbed by osteoclasts and progressively replaced by newly formed bone.






Calcium-deficient apatite crystals, chemically very close to the components in bone.

BIOCERA-VET is highly porous promoting bone cell colonization and biological fluid penetration. A full range of micro, meso and macrospores makes BIOCERA-VET over 50% porous, promoting osteo-conduction, osteo-induction and bone remodelling.








50% porosity promotes bone cell colonization and biological fluid penetration.



The unique composition of the calcium phosphates of BIOCERA-VET demonstrated an excellent osteointegration; whereas it enables the formation of bridges between the bone and the bone substitute.  


Six months after implantation in a sheep model, BIOCERA-VET showed  


- close contact and bridges with host bone traducing an excellent osteointegration

- newly formed bone at the periphery and inside the bone substitute thanks to osteo-conduction and osteo-induction

When examined histologically, bone defects filled with BIOCERA-VET showed  


- significant remodelling of BIOCERA-VET (less remaining bone substitute)

- significant bone lacunae filled with normal adipocitic bone marrow

- significant newly formed bone replacing BIOCERA-VET  


Compared to other synthetic bone substitutes, BIOCERA-VET demonstrates its outstanding bone-remodelling qualities.




Among the 70 gathered clinical cases (in dogs & cats), a faster bone repair is reported as the most common difference with existing bone substitutes.

Tibio-tarsal fracture treated by arthodesis associated with BIOCERA-VET in cat - Peper

2 years old 2019 DVM B. Flasse Centre Vétérinaire Beumont, Belgium.




BIOCERA-VET fastens arthrodesis. Complete fusion between tibia and tarsus observed as soon as 4 weeks after fracture reduction associated to its administration. Additionally, no adverse reaction was observed at the site of implantation.




A critical factor for a successful bone grafting and defect repair is mechanical stability.


Studies performed with BIOCERA-VET on human cadaver bone specimens in an opening wedge high tibial osteotomy (owHTO) showed a significant improvement in the mechanical properties with an increased torsional peak to failure and stiffness (compared to the cadaver bone without substitute).


BIOCERA-VET is fast-hardening, reaching its complete and isothermal hardening after 24 hours, thus contributing to the structural stability and improving biomechanics, while keeping its porosity and bone remodelling facilitating properties.



BIOCERA-VET is easy to prepare, according to the needs of modern orthopaedic surgery: simple, intuitive and fast-hardening ( < 8 min.)


Surgeries become easier and faster when harvesting of autogenous bone grafts is not needed, and better results are obtained when the bone defect to treat is well and completely filled.






Orthopaedic surgeons in human medicine have been confidently using the human equivalent of BIOCERA-VET (1) over the past ten years with more than 60.000 patients, hence leaning on a proven safety track-record.



Current usage of BIOCERA-VET in more than 70 clinical cases in dogs an cats shows an excellent safety profile with no adverse effect reported by European veterinarian orthopaedic specialists around the world.  


In human orthopaedic surgery, autografts are used in only 40-50% of the reconstruction procedures while in veterinarian bone surgery autografts remain the default procedure for bone substitution.

With BIOCERA-VET™ you have now the last generation of bone substitute at your disposal, preventing unnecessary co-morbidities, without compromising on efficacy and making your surgery shorter and more enjoyable. Also in veterinary orthopaedics, the patient deserves the highest standard of care!
BIOCERA-VET is currently available for the European market only.
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