The VISCO-VET product is a locally injectable visco-supplement based on hyaluronic acid and currently specifically developed for dogs. VISCO-VET has gelification properties ensuring the formation of a three-dimensional network which gives it great stability and resistance to mechanical and biological stresses after injection. This structure allows a slow release of the active molecules thus ensuring a prolonged effectiveness.


The VISCO-VET product also has pro-regenerative properties which will restore the physiological environment and promote tissue regeneration. An anti-inflammatory and analgesic action completes the characteristics of the VISCO-VET product in order to obtain optimal effectiveness.


VISCO-VET is in lyophilized form ensuring product stability at room temperature. Combined with rapid preparation of the product, these characteristics allow easy use by veterinarians in their current practice.


VISCO-VET is therefore a product combining mechanical, regenerative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties while having local, quick and easy use.



Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of lameness in pets and affects more than 34 million dogs worldwide. Current treatments combine a conservative approach (weight control and physiotherapy), drugs and surgery aimed at reducing pain and inflammation. These treatments may not be very effective or may be associated with significant side-effects or very invasive.


Considering its characteristics and unique mechanism of action (restoration of homeostasis, anti-inflammatory effects and tissue regeneration), VISCO-VET provides an effective and minimally invasive solution without side effects.


Cranial Cruciate Ligament Deficiency


Cranial cruciate ligament deficiency, affecting over 4 million dogs, is currently managed surgically. Deficiency of the anterior cruciate ligament is often a bilateral condition with increased risk of rupture of the contralateral ligament within 12 to 18 months following the initial diagnosis. Currently, no preventive treatment is available to avoid rupture of the contralateral ligament, which will therefore require a second surgical procedure.


By these pro-regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties, VISCO-VET offers an innovative and minimally invasive solution to prevent rupture of the contralateral ligament.


Tendon and ligament injuries


Tendon and ligament injuries (TLI) are a common cause of lameness in dogs. These lesions often appear as a result of a trauma or following micro-lesions caused by chronic stress. Currently, conservative treatments such as reduction of physical activity, use of anti-inflammatory drugs or intra-articular administration of steroids are encouraged. However, these treatments may lack effectiveness and are sometimes associated with side-effects. A surgical treatment is an alternative but is the source of frequent post-operative complications.


VISCO-VET combines local regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects promoting tissue regeneration essential for wound healing. VISCO-VET therefore is a treatment of choice in this indication.

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