Warning : VISCO-VET is a medicinal veterinary product under investigation that did not received yet a market authorization. The product is then not available for sale.


The VISCO-VET product is a locally injectable visco-regenerative gel based on hyaluronic acid with anti-inflammatory properties. VISCO-VET has gelification properties ensuring the formation of a three-dimensional network optimal for an increased product stability after injection promoting the long-lasting effect of active components and a cell colozination supporting tissue regeneration.


VISCO-VET demonstrated efficacy and excellent safety profile based on the current results from our proof-of-concept studies performed on target species i.e., dogs. VISCO-VET diplays unique anti-inflammatory and visco-regenerative properties demonstrated in vitro by reducing the proliferation and the secretions of inflamed cells and in vivo by decreasing the signs of degeneration of the ligament in canine CCLD and impoving the function (lameness) and decreasing the radiological disease progression in canine osteoarthritis.


VISCO-VET is in lyophilized form ensuring long term product stability. Combined with rapid preparation of the product, these characteristics allow easy use by veterinarians in their current practice.


VISCO-VET is therefore a product combining mechanical, regenerative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties while having local, quick and easy use.



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